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A Trip to the Imaginary World of Christian de Massy
Canadian illustrator Christian Robert de Massy’s first solo exhibition, titled Phorésie, symboise de l’animalerie humaine, opens today at Whisbone Art Gallery in Montreal. De Massy is known for recreating heterotopic scenarios where every association is valid, no matter how impossible it may seem. Scenarios that offer the viewer fantastic worlds as beautiful as they are…
MIYAYA: Towards a Zero Waste Life
MIYAYA, by artist Carla García, is a craft project that has captured the attention of major fashion and design magazines. It offers a variety of ingenious functional ceramic pieces that look like something out of a modern art gallery. Italian coffee pots, papier-mâché bowls, cans of anchovies, or the typical takeaway Tupperware are some of…
Residents of Your Skin
What variety of organisms can we find inhabiting our skin?  Jacobo Castellano, sculptor Answer by Aayushi Uberoi: The skin is the body's first line of defense; it protects us against environmental stresses, toxins, and disease-causing microbes. The skin represents a complex ecosystem composed of almost 1.8 m2 of diverse habitats, each with its…
Dr. Olayanju by Day, Dr. Pilgrims by Night 
Today, cell cultures are considered essential tools in biomedical research and regenerative medicine. They allow us to create disease models or biological systems for drug screening more quickly and economically than traditional animal models. However, it has taken more than a century for scientists to fine-tune cell culture techniques in order to obtain physiologically relevant…

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Science communication through interviews with artists, scientists and other members of society

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