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About us

SciGlam is a science communication magazine intended to be a space for dialogue between three major spheres of knowledge and culture: art, science and society.

We believe that normalizing scientific conversation is essential in the pursuit of a healthier and more skeptical society.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire scientific curiosity and involvement. For this reason, we end each interview with one last question for the interviewee: if you could ask a scientist of any background a question, what would it be? The answers to these questions can be found in SciGlam Answers

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María La Calle
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Ana Rodríguez

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Magalie Grolleau
María José Castellanos
Ángel Sánchez
Anna Franco
Alonso Ortega


Science communication through interviews with artists, scientists and other members of society

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Divulgación científica a través de entrevistas con artistas, científicos y otros miembros de la sociedad.

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Ritatis et quasi architecto beat

Congratulations to the winner! The prize goes to Paula Lépine's home in Montreal!

Yearly Artwork Raffle

Abraham Lacalle
Ciprés (Cypress), 2020
Watercolor/paper (41 cm x 31 cm)